About Me

I am a writer living in San Antonio. My wife is Dr. Faith Harper, who is a writer and trauma therapist. We have cats. We also own a fledgling publishing house  called Say Something Real Press LLC. I serve on the board of directors of The Hidden History Center and the Center for Deep Political Research. I have also been a board member of the Center - Pride Center San Antonio, and the Coalition on Political Assassinations.

Books Published

The Revolution Will Include Cookies by Dr. Faith G. Harper


Judge for Yourself  by John Judge (also editor)


The Deep State in the Heart of Texas by Richard Bartholomew (Dec 2017)

Books & Zines

I am also the author of the following:


Dissenting Views


Dissenting Views II


The Conspiracy Fun Book


An Intro to the JFK Assassination Conspiracy (Dec. 20, 2017)


The Paranoid Style in American Cinema (mid-2018)


For more in that vein, see my website www.joegreenjfk.com.


These are some books that I am either cited in or have some connection to:


False Mystery (2017 edition) by Vincent J. Salandria -  took the cover photo and designed the cover


Trumpocalypse Now by Kenn Thomas - wrote the afterword


Reclaiming Parkland by Jim DiEugenio - cited


From Revolution to Revelation by Tara Brabazon - quoted/cited


John Judge: A Transformational Servant Leader (Thesis) by Dr. Cynthia McKinney - quoted